AUBURN, Ind. (WANE) — Following Indiana State Police Master Trooper James Bailey’s death by a driver running from police on Friday night, the Auburn and Garrett community has come together to raise support.

The Indiana Fallen Heroes Foundation set up a fund for Bailey, and local businesses have done their part to bring attention to it.

“It’s not it’s not going to change the outcome of course but, but it is something,” said Carlee Reed, one of the owners of the Auburn Dairy Freeze.

The Auburn Dairy Freeze dedicated all net proceeds from Mar. 6 to the fund, and the ensuing response caused bumper-to-bumper traffic on Main Street as cars backed up several blocks.

“It has been mind-blowing today,” Reed said.

A total of $9,999.89 was raised, according to the ice cream shop’s Facebook page.

The Auburn Dairy Freeze has not been alone in its generosity as both Hometown Graphics and MJS Apparel Screen Printing and Embroidery are dedicating some portion of sales to the fund.

MJS Apparel posted to their Facebook page Monday afternoon showcasing two T-Shirts, Car Decals, and a Hoodie for sale at cost, which means no profit for them. The company will also donate to the Indiana Fallen Heroes Foundation out of their own pocket.

Owners Mark and Lynne Stebing said the goal is to help the community be able to show their support for fallen Master Trooper Bailey and his family.

“We really felt compelled to do something to maybe bring the community together and show support, It’s got to be really extremely hard,” Lynne said.

Lynne said the tragedy was a shock to them, especially when they found out who it was.

“You know I realized it was a tragedy to start with, but it wasn’t until I realized they were our neighbors you know they were just kids when they were our neighbors, they were just married. So that was pretty hard. You don’t want to see it happen to anybody,” Lynne said.

T-shirts are $12, car decals are $5, and the patriotic hoodie is $32.

Hometown Graphics is also showing their support with clothes and yard signs in honor of Fallen Master Trooper Bailey. All proceeds will go to the Indiana Fallen Heroes Fund.

Owner Cassie Evans said they just want to help.

“The money of course helps with fundraising donations, but also to have an item that you can wear or display in your yard and honor somebody, you know, nobody’s memory ever is forgotten, but it’s just a helpful way that we can help keep that alive.”

To purchase orders in advance from Hometown Graphics, click here.