FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Another lawsuit has been filed against an embattled chain of recovery centers. Last week, we spoke to the attorney who filed a lawsuit against the Praxis Landmark Recovery addiction treatment facility in Mishawaka. Tuesday afternoon, Crossen Law sent WANE 15 the lawsuit against the Bluffton facility.

In the lawsuit, there are the same allegations as the Mishawaka facility lawsuit. Crossen law added 28 additional plaintiffs to the newest lawsuit. Crossen Law did take the medical malpractice claim out of the current complaint. This lawsuit wanted to focus more on negligence. The lawsuit has an endangerment count and they added a count for premise liability.

In the premise liability, the lawsuit is claiming that “while staying at Praxis, Plaintiffs sustained severe personal injuries as the result of unsafe and hazardous conditions on the premise.”

Further, the lawsuit, claims that “around said time and place, Defendant [Landmark Recover] knew of other occupants and/or residents who were sexually assaulting other occupants and/or residents and failed to mitigate and/or prevent physical altercations and harm.”

Gina Koeneman, an attorney with Crossen Law spoke to WANE 15 Tuesday about the claims in the lawsuit.

“We are saying that Praxis had an unsafe condition on their premise and that there was hazard that they knew of or should have known about and failed to mitigate to address those hazards and therefore created an unsafe space for these residents to live in at the time,” said Koeneman.

WANE 15 reached out to Praxis Landmark Recovery for comment on the Bluffton facility lawsuit, and the company said it had “no comment at this time.”