FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Amazon Employees held a lantern release Tuesday night after an employee died at the Fort Wayne fulfillment center on Smith Road Monday.

Employees came together to show their support by releasing lanterns into the sky at dusk. More than 50 people attended the event. Many of the lanterns had sayings like “in memory of” written on them.

The lantern release event was put on by employees who said it was the least they could do. Amazon Employee Carter Amos said it was a way to give the person who died a proper goodbye.

“Really what this whole thing’s about this, you know, love for him, make sure he’s at peace,” Amos said, “Make sure everybody around here you know can come and show their respect and what love they have for him while they can when they can.”

Amazon Employee Rosa Garcia said workers at the facility are like a close-knit family. She said the lantern release was a way to honor the person’s life that was taken.

“Doing this gives him a memorial and it also shows that he was more than just a work person, you know, work, teammate, buddy, he was more than an Amazonian he was more like a friend to everybody,” Garcia said.

Employees said Amazon is a relatively safe place to work, and that whatever happened, they hope it never happens again.

The employee’s name and details on how they were hurt has not been released. The death is still under investigation.