‘It’s so much more than teacher pay’: Fort Wayne educators give their take on Red for Ed Day

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Around 5:30 Tuesday afternoon, 3 buses returned to the Fort Wayne Education Association building after Indiana’s Red for Ed day.

Thousands flooded Indiana’s statehouse, sounding the alarm for state officials to resolves key issues of public education.

“In public education today, Indiana is in a crisis,” said Shannon Fisher, a Fort Wayne Community School educator. “We have a huge teacher shortage that’s been brought about by spotty policy over the last 15 years.”

Class size, overly standardized testing, and lack of classroom resources are just a few of the concerns that educators have. But did their message fall upon deaf ears?

“I’ve heard rumors that when they met, we got very little talk time in the actually chambers,” said Amanda Foss, a parent and kindergartner prep teacher. “But their is no question in my mind that we were seen and heard ,now the question is whether or not they are going to do the right thing.”

Moving forward, what is planned for the future?

“This is not the end , this is just the beginning,” said Andra Kosmoski, President, East Allen Educators Association. “We need to take this momentum and we need to continue with it. So all of those people that were down their today need to continue with that energy and they need to keep going.”

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