FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — It’s a common phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words, but how many memories is it worth?

It’s a question that a Fort Wayne family has been finding the answer to since uploading a viral Facebook post in April.

“It blew up. I got so many comments on how great the photo was,” Andy Harvey said.

The post showed two side-by-side pictures of Andy’s 92-year-old father, Harry Harvey. One from 1940 and one from 2021.

The side-by-side photos that Andy uploaded to Facebook

“That was my sister’s bicycle, and I was just barely reaching the pedals when the picture was taken,” Harry said.

Taking the picture at the same spot brought up a number of memories for both Andy, Harry and those on the Facebook group, Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne Indiana, where he posted it.

“People were talking about my grandpa; he retired in 1963,” Andy said.

His grandpa and Harry’s father was also named Harry, but many knew him better as Dr. Harry.

Dr. Harry was a World War I veteran who became a local doctor during World War II.

“He wasn’t required to go to service, so he was one of the few doctors left in Fort Wayne,” Harry said.

A side by side comparison of the photos

His practice was right where the photo was taken on Crescent Avenue.

Hearing the stories of those who had children delivered by Dr. Harry and other memories in the Facebook comments made the post worth it for the family.

“People remember that area and remember my dad and my grandpa,” said Andy. “That’s been neat.”