INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana State Police (ISP) Indianapolis Post has been receiving many complaints regarding a phone scam in the area.

The caller identification says, “Indiana State Police Post 52,” with the phone number listed as 317-899-8577, the same number as the post.

The scammers pose as police officers and have been telling callers there is a warrant for their arrest. The scammers have then tried to obtain personal information and request financial restitution to handle the warrant. 

These phone call scams can also consist of telling the victim their identity has been stolen, selling insurance or attempts to raise money for non-existing charities.

ISP says these types of phone scammers are widespread and will often play on your emotions to get to your money. 

The easiest way to stay protected from phone scammers is to either to ignore unsolicited calls from unknown callers or to hang up when something doesn’t seem right, according to ISP.

ISP encourages anyone that may have fallen victim to a phone scammer to immediately report the incident to a local law enforcement agency.