FORT WAYNE (WANE) — According to the IRS, roughly 36 million Americans took advantage of advance Child Tax Credit payments in 2021. The early payments, which were available in 2020 and 2021, allowed people to redeem up to half of what they would normally get with their tax return for Child Tax Credit early in the form of monthly payments.

Those who received early payments in 2021 should be expecting Letter 6419 in the mail from the IRS that explains how much they received and how that number was calculated. The letter lets people know how to properly file their taxes by telling them how much they are still owed in Child Tax Credit.

It’s also possible that there are people who were not eligible for advanced payments they received. Those individuals will be informed that they owe that money back to the IRS.

Anyone with a qualifying child who did not receive advance child tax credit payments will not receive a letter, but can still claim the full amount of their allowable Child Tax Credit on their 2021 tax return.

IRS spokesperson Michael Devine told WANE 15 that it’s imperative to get this right when filing your taxes. Devine suggest filing electronically or working with a tax expert as options to make sure you’re filing properly.

“It is very important for everyone to file their one tax return correctly. Don’t rush,” Devine said. “when you sign that tax return, whether it’s with a pen or electronically, you are agreeing under penalty of perjury that everything on that return is accurate to the best of your knowledge.”

Devine wants people to remember that the IRS will only contact you through the mail. He said phone calls and emails that claim to be from the IRS are scams.