DES MOINES, Ia. (WANE) — The husband calling contest has been a tradition at the Iowa state fair for over 40 years and this year it makes its big return after becoming a viral sensation.

This year barely any room is left on the signup sheet as women from all over the world come to participate in the contest. Women of all ages come to call their husbands for dinner, some even dressing up to set the scene for viewers of the contest.

Even in its virality, one woman continues to return year after year to call on her now-late husband Roy. 94-year-old Bonnie has been calling on her husband for as long as she remembers and holds it close to her heart always sending Roy the message of “I love you.”

Bonnie, Winner of Husband Calling Contest 2023

“It feels wonderful! I love it. I love it, I have other blue ribbons too but this is precious,” said Bonnie after winning this year’s competition.

When Bonnie was asked if she was going to continue to call on her husband, she said she couldn’t wait to call on her husband next year and was excited to see how much the competition had grown. She even thanked her husband sending kisses to the sky after this year’s win.