FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A court order will keep the owner of I Do Bridal from selling off any inventory currently in her possession or destroying any records regarding her business and customer transactions.

Tesia M. Lapp became embroiled in a lawsuit with Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita after the sudden closure of her shop this past July led to complaints that many orders had not been fulfilled as wedding days quickly approached.

The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction barring the defendants from the bridal services industry until the state obtains a $75,000 surety bond. The state also seeks customer restitution, listing the names of dozens of customers and the amounts owed– ranging from $250 to $2,600 each.

On Wednesday, a judge overseeing proceedings in the lawsuit issued a preliminary injunction that prevents Lapp or her associates from selling off, hiding, or destroying any items or dresses at the shop until the lawsuit reaches a conclusion, according to Allen Superior Court documents.

Lapp and the legal team with the attorney general’s office both agreed with the terms in the injunction before the judge issued the order.

In Rokita’s lawsuit, Lapp is accused of misrepresentations relating to consumer transactions, failure to deliver or complete transactions and deceptive sales.

The attorney general’s office received dozens of complaints from consumers who had not received wedding gowns or who had gowns given to Lapp for preservation lost in lieu of the shop’s closure July 21.

Wednesday’s injunction also prohibits Lapp from doing business as I Do Bridal or Wendy’s Bridal – her previous business which closed under similar circumstances – until completion of the lawsuit or engaging in any sales she knowingly cannot fulfill.

She and her associates are prohibited from destroying or hiding any of the company’s records or money made through any transaction, according to the injunction. Lapp also must provide the attorney general’s office with records of customer transactions.

“Defendant Lapp and the State acknowledge that time is of the essence with respect to the resolution the issues involving the impacted consumers who ordered gowns and bridalwear in connection with this matter and agree to work diligently to carry out the terms of this Agreed Preliminary Injunction,” the judge wrote in court documents.

Lapp is due in court for an initial hearing in the lawsuit on Oct. 3.

She is also being sued by Coliseum Shoppes for failing to pay rent when Wendy’s Bridal was located at the north side strip mall.

Lapp’s initial hearing for that lawsuit is Sept. 20.