Indiana Senator pushes for ‘In God we Trust’ to be in every public classroom, one mother says ‘No’

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Indiana State Senator Dennis Kruse of Auburn is again pushing for the nation’s motto “In God We Trust” to be placed in every public school and library.

This isn’t Senator Kruse’s first attempt. Last year the the senator introduced a similar bill which also included a provision that required every Indiana school to offer a Bible study course as an elective.

One mother disagrees with the bill, believing there should be a separation from state and religion.

“We all come from different households have different, we all have different beliefs,” said Erica Jamison. “I feel like really you alienate people if you start imposing religious issues into the public schools.”

Erica Jamison, a mother of three boys all enrolled in public schools in Allen County says it’s the parents’ duty to implement religion, not the teachers.

“I believe religion belongs in their sanctuary and it doesn’t belong in the school,” said Jamison.

If the bill is passes a poster or photo of the motto will be required to be at least 11 inches tall and 17 inches wide. Jamison believes the money for the signs could have better use.

“My children have been in classrooms with 30-children and I think the money used to buy signs could be use in all of the schools throughout the state to hire another teacher to provide more classroom help,” said Jamison.

Another part of the bill would require the United States flag and Indiana’s flag to be in every classroom and library. Jamison says she isn’t opposed to this, but religion she be left out of it.

“The flag is very important to have, in the school or the classroom,” said Jamison. “I know in my kids school they say the The Pledge of Allegiance every morning, they have a moment of silence and you go on with your day.”

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