HUNTERTOWN, Ind. (WANE) – One local organization making a difference will celebrate a milestone Saturday. One World Medics will donate its 30th ambulance to Latin America. 

One World Medics takes donated ambulances, refurbishes them and gives them to countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. 

Bryan Peterson, Executive Director of One World Medics, said he’s blown away that they have made it to 30 ambulances. 

“I never thought we’d get beyond the first one,” Peterson said. 

This trip is also unique because the organization will be teaching medical skills as they hold an educational conference.  

“We’re going to have instructors from Indiana, and instructors from all over Mexico,” Peterson said, “And students from both nations as well.” 

One World Medics also donates different kinds of medical equipment to these countries. Peterson said this is why the training is so important. They want to make sure that the EMS Personnel know how to use the equipment given to them. 

Airam Valdez, also known as Ani, is a Registered Nurse and Volunteer Firefighter in Mexico. She said the equipment donated to them is a blessing. 

“The fire department doesn’t really get a lot of government support,” Valdez said. “For me, as a Nurse, not even in the hospital I will imagine having this, the ambulance, having all this equipment.” 

Not long after receiving the latest ambulance for donation, Peterson realized that the emergency vehicle used to be his ambulance when he worked for Noble County EMS.  

“I didn’t realize it was a truck that I used to drive until I was going to take the American flag off of that door, and then I realized that this was the truck I was driving on 9/11 and I put that American flag sticker there,” Peterson said. 

Peterson said he’s excited for this ambulance to have a new home.