FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – One Fort Wayne business owner walked into an unfortunate surprise Tuesday morning when he arrived at work. Mechanix Unlimited Inc. was just one of many structures vandalized over the Memorial Day Weekend.

If you take a drive in downtown Fort Wayne, there’s a chance you’ll see phrases like, “I love Kira” and “I’m sorry Kira, I love you” plastered across a few buildings. Mechanix Unlimited posted pictures to their Facebook account Tuesday morning showing the vandalism written on one of their garage doors.

Mechanix Unlimited vandalism

In response, Mechanix Unlimited changed their marquee to read, “Kira we want to talk to your boyfriend” and attached their phone number.

Chip Heintzelman, owner of Mechanix Unlimited, said he wants answers.

“I’d really like to talk to Kira and probably her boyfriend, hopefully ex-boyfriend by now,” Heintzelman said.

Mechanix Unlimited wasn’t the only structure to be vandalized. St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church of Fort Wayne also took to social media requesting to hear from Kira’s potential boyfriend as well. The side of the church was vandalized and has the saying, “I love Kira” written on the bottom siding.

On Wednesday, Paul Offhaus, pastor at St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church, provided a photo of the church’s updated marquee offering free church services to Kira’s boyfriend.

(Photo provided by Paul Offhaus)

Spray painted sayings could also be seen at the corner of Lavina Street and Broadway, just under the Electric Works parking sign, and at the Van Buren Street Bridge at the corner of Michaels Avenue and Van Buren Street.

“After I made the Facebook post, then people started sending me pictures of other places that it was,” Heintzelman said.

Heintzelman said it took him about three hours to remove the paint, and he said he will need to replace the garage door.

“We got the paint off, but it’s going to unfortunately need to be repainted and that’s okay it’s no big deal, it kind of helps improve the look of downtown anyways,” Heintzelman said.

All in all, Heintzelman said he is trying to find the good in an unfortunate situation.

“You’ve got to look at the brighter side of things. Just because bad things happen, doesn’t mean you have to look at it badly,” Heintzelman said.