FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – After the killing, the two exchanged text messages.

The man wanted the woman to report a gun bought under her name stolen.

“I’m scared,” she wrote back.

When he asked why, the woman replied:

“Because…it’s on the news. And who knows…them 2 (expletive) that got shot could say anything.”

That’s according to newly released Allen Superior Court documents detailing how a Fort Wayne woman is now wrapped up with a summer party where four people were shot and a 23-year-old woman ended up dead.

Ranadda U. Ganaway

Fort Wayne police arrested 23-year-old Ranadda U. Ganaway this week on a preliminary Level 5 felony count of assisting a criminal and a misdemeanor count of false informing that hinders a law enforcement investigation connected to the death of Mattie Wilson.

Ganaway is accused of conspiring to hide the weapon used in the killing of Wilson, who might not have been the intended target when she was gunned down while standing near others in the early morning hours of June 25.

Investigators interviewed eight witnesses and reviewed text messages in trying to piece together what led to Wilson’s killing, who was involved and how Ganaway was connected to the accused shooter.

A man charged with murder in Wilson’s death, 23-year-old Nicholas Steward, is accused of having some type of confrontation with a group of people at a gathering or party in the 2000 block of Greentree Court.

One witness said in court documents that Steward was “trippin'” before the shooting and threatened to kill Wilson because of a love triangle. Multiple witnesses told police Steward turned his attention to another man and started a confrontation where he said: “I don’t (expletive) with you.”

Shortly thereafter, Steward is accused of pulling out a handgun with a green laser sight, pointing it at a man’s chest and firing.

Mattie Wilson

A witness at the scene told investigators Steward shot a “whole clip” at the group, court documents said. Another person at the party had a .22-caliber rifle and returned at least three rounds after the firing began, court documents said.

At least two men suffered serious injuries from the shooting and another person was struck in the hip.

One round fired in the shooting struck Wilson’s iliac artery – an artery that supplies blood to the legs and organs in the pelvic region – and another round struck the side of her chest, according to court documents.

The Allen County Coroner ruled her death a homicide.

In the aftermath of the shooting, investigators found text exchanges between Steward and Ganaway.

The texts between the two indicated that Ganaway actually owned the gun Steward is accused of wielding in the shooting, and that he asked her to report the gun stolen. That’s when she told Steward she was scared and worried that the others struck in the shooting might be talking to the police, court documents said.

Nicholas Steward (Allen County Sheriff's Department)
Nicholas Steward (Allen County Sheriff’s Department)

The following morning, Steward texted Ganaway the non-emergency Fort Wayne Police Department number, according to court documents.

On June 26, Ganaway reported her Glock G45 9-milimeter caliber, which she bought in August 2022, stolen from the trunk of her car as it was parked outside of a home.

An Indiana State Police analysis showed all of the 9-milimeter shell casings found at the scene of the shooting came from the same gun, including the rounds that killed Wilson and left another victim injured, court documents said.

At the scene, witnesses told investigators that Steward said aloud after the shooting that Wilson’s blood “is on my hands,” according to court documents.

Arrested nearly two months later, Steward told investigators the gun he used belonged to Ganaway. He also said he left it an apartment, and that another witness in the killing told him the weapon had been “taken care of,” court documents said.

During his interview, he claimed he was threatened by one of the men in the group and that he had suspicion some of his rounds hit Wilson. He added that he knew this day was coming and that it “was his fault.”

“I didn’t have to shoot,” he told investigators in court documents.

Ganaway was booked into Allen County Jail on Wednesday after her arrest but posted $10,000 bail within hours.

She is due in court for a hearing Monday.