FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — It’s no surprise that we have seen both tricks AND treats when it comes to our Halloween weather and this year’s trick appears to be snow flurries which began falling Tuesday afternoon.

Could this year’s forecast set any records? Let’s look back on a few statistics for Fort Wayne’s Halloween weather!

Our warmest Halloween on record happened back in the year 1950. It was a good year to wear all of those lightweight, summertime Halloween costumes! The opposite can be said about our coldest Halloween. Temperatures only climbed into the mid-30s back in 1917. A very cold night to be out trick-or-treating!

The last 10 Halloweens here in the Summit City have a range of high temperatures spanning from the lower 40s into the mid-60s. 2018 had the warmest Halloween of the bunch. Meanwhile, 2020 had the coldest Halloween night with temperatures falling into the upper 20s. If the spooks and scares from Halloween didn’t send a chill down your spine that year, perhaps a cold night like that did! 2013 was the rainiest of the last 10 years, collecting 1.73″ of rain. Did you manage to find rainboots to match your costume back then?

We’ve had more than just rain… Fort Wayne has a history of snow here as well! 1917 was the snowiest Halloween on record. We managed to collect 1.5″ of snow. Perhaps you may remember 2019’s Halloween when we collected half-an-inch of snow.

But, what’s in store this year? There’s a chance we might see the first snowflakes of the year under partly cloudy skies! Head on over to our WANE Weather page to learn more about tonight’s official Halloween Forecast.