FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — With this week’s hot stretch already making itself known, homeowners are relying on their air-conditioning units for the first time in months.

But for those who turned on the air to find their unit broken or in need of replacement, how long will they be left out in the heat?

“For us, we have managed it pretty well this year with having technicians available, and for the most part, we can get to somebody within a day or two and get it taken care of,” said Steve Biggs president of “Doc” Dancer Heating & Air. “Most of the time on an installation, we can get to somebody in a week or less.”

While many trade-based industries have found it increasingly hard to find technicians, Biggs said that’s not an issue they’ve faced yet.

“Many years ago, we decided to hire for character and integrity, so we’re poised with good technicians,” Biggs said. “Most of our senior technicians have been with us 10, 15 years or more.”

However, something that they and every other HVAC service has faced is inflation.

“I don’t even try to remember prices anymore because over the past 6 to 8 years we have seen three or four price increases every year,” Biggs said.

The cost of parts and other inputs going up has made making repairs more expensive for the customer.

To avoid a potentially expensive repair, Biggs suggested two things.

“The most important is changing the air filter,” Biggs said. “Other than that, getting regular maintenance.”

“Regular maintenance” meaning that you should have an HVAC technician look at your unit about once a year.