FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Fort Wayne United Ten Point Coalition has been influencing and serving the community for a few years now, and with the help of other likeminded organizations like the Ubuntu Collaborative, the community has been seeing big changes.

The Ten Point Coalition advocates for the community, inspires black men, and helps change the stigma surrounding the southeast side.

Thursday night, around a dozen pastors prayed for the Oxford neighborhood to end violence, homelessness, and to uplift at-risk youth.

The Interim Executive Director of the Ten Point Coalition says that a lot of events they host are from 7pm to 11pm because they would rather have the youth engaging with them instead of out on the streets.

Stats have shown their efforts are working.

“We’ve seen a significant reduce in crime across the board. It’s been a 73% drop in overall crime across the board here in the Oxford neighborhood since the start of Ten Point Coalition walking the streets.” Says Greggory Smith-Causey, Interim Executive Director of the 10-Point Coalition.

This year the Ten Point Coalition has made it a part of their mission to make sure residents know where they can find them – which is at their home at the Weisser Park Youth Center.