How Fort Wayne residents are combating the hottest temperatures of the year

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The hottest temperatures of the year have hit northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. Residents of Fort Wayne are dealing with the heat in different ways.

Many local children are spending their summer in various summer camps, like the Jorgensen Family YMCA. The facility features a large pool area that helps to keep the campers cool. Safety is the number one priority in the excessive summer heat.

“We call many adult breaks or safety swims throughout the entire day to allow kids to stay hydrated and to re-put on sunscreen, but to also take breaks inside of the building where we have our air conditioning and things like that,” said Jorgensen Family YMCA Aquatic Director, Austin Kelly.

Across other portions of Fort Wayne, workers have to battle the heat while doing their jobs. This includes construction workers, landscapers, roofers, and various other occupations that require outdoor work.

“We take different precautions, this morning I had a meeting with the guys. You know we definitely got to stress about the heat. Heat exhaustion is a main concern of ours. A couple of the guys, I let them get off early. Again water..fluid, fluid fluid,” said landscaper, Chris French.

There are some who enjoy the heat. Those attending the Three Rivers Festival are finding ways to stay cool, while still enjoying the city’s oldest festival.

“It feels hot, but it reminds me how much I hate the winter and the snow, so I am grateful for this heat,” said Haley Alexander.

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