INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WANE) Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has called a special session of the General Assembly to take action on his plan to give state taxpayers approximately $225 in addition to the $125 already being sent out as automatic taxpayer refunds.

The money would come from $1 billion in state reserves.

“This is the fastest, fairest and most efficient way to return taxpayers’ hard-earned money during a time of economic strain,” said Gov. Holcomb. “Indiana’s economy is growing and with more than $1 billion of revenue over current projections, Hoosier taxpayers deserve to have their money responsibly returned. I’m happy to be able to take this first step and look forward to signing this plan into law as soon as possible.”

The special session proclamation would have lawmakers convene the special session on July 6.

According to the Associated Press, Republican legislative leaders have signaled support for Holcomb’s proposed tax refund and joined with him in rejecting calls from Democrats for suspending the state’s gasoline taxes, which will grow to 62 cents a gallon starting July 1.

Indiana Democrats were quick to respond, issuing the following statement:

Happening in July: The Indiana Republican Party will hold a special session to issue a one-time check that doesn’t address the state’s high gas taxes and ban a woman’s right to legal and safe abortions. As seen from last weekend, the Indiana GOP has become the Party of extremists who care more about their national agenda than delivering a better future for Hoosier families.

Drew Anderson, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party

While the statement mentions abortion, no where in the proclamation is abortion or women’s reproductive rights mentioned.