FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – September is National Recovery Month and thousands of recovery programs and services around the country celebrate their successes.

Redemption House is a network of transition homes that help women who are battling addiction rebuild their lives.

“We have served over 350 unique individuals a few of them have come through more than once right a few have graduated more than once so when I say we are a ministry of opportunity and chance you get another chance,” said Tomi Cardin, founder and executive director of Redemption House.

Originally opening up Aug. 1, 2012, the first home on Fairfield Avenue would serve as a beacon of light to hundreds battling addiction.

  • Ladies of Redemption House
  • Ladies of Redemption House
  • Ladies of Redemption House
  • Ladies of Redemption House

Now in 2023, six houses are situated across Fort Wayne for the purpose of uplifting those who need it the most.

Nikole Christ, a Dec. 2021 graduate of the program, now serves as a staff member at Redemption House. She recalls vividly a time in her life when she was battling through addiction herself.

She spent some time in prison and there is where she said she found two of the biggest things that helped to turn her situation around, God and Redemption House.

Nikole said, “…this house has shown me what love is unconditional love not just how to love but how to receive love.”

Now Nikole serves as a staff member at Redemption House where she helps women who were once in the same situation.

Becoming sober isn’t an easy task by any means and is an uphill battle for many every day.

Many often believe that addiction is a choice but in reality it’s a cry for help.

“It was when I was that broken, or I was at a point where I didn’t care that I made those decisions. So, I think it’s something that it’s an illness. It truly is an illness,” Nikole said.

Redemption House has played a pivotal role in helping hundreds of women overcome addiction and begin the road to recovery.

If you’re interested in supporting the ladies of Redemption House, click here to visit their website.