FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — For months, construction along Superior Street between Van Buren Street and the roundabout at Superior and Wells streets has caused frustration for drivers, businesses and residents in the area.

Those frustrations should soon be gone.

Fort Wayne City Utilities has been completing storm drain work along Superior as part of its ongoing completion of an 18-year, federally mandated consent decree.

The storm drains connect to the city’s new Deep Rock Tunnel and divert sewage to the water treatment plant rather than allowing it to dump into the rivers.

Frank Suarez with City Utilities said that work is completed and the streets should be paved and ready to go by the middle of next week.

That’s a relief for managers of two businesses that have been affected by the construction.

In the beginning Superior Street was completely closed, but Van Buren Street remained open. As work as progressed, Van Buren closed near Superior down passed the bridge that crosses the St. Marys River.

At times, one of or both of the roads would be open for cars to pass through, but the streets were unfinished. That meant gravel, dirt, and dust were part of the equation when driving through.

Not knowing if the roads would be open or not became a frustration for two businesses at Van Buren and Superior: Gerber Collision & Glass, and Fox & Fox Full Automotive Service Shop.

Sara Holtgrave, the parts manager for Fox & Fox, told WANE 15 the construction has hurt business a bit. The challenge of getting customers and deliveries to the business has been difficult.

“We are so fortunate. We have phenomenal customers that really have worked hard to come to see us and let us service their vehicle,” Holtgrave said.

Across the street, general manager and Gerber Collision & Glass, Joyce Miller, said they’ve faced those same issues, along with the added problem of 20 or more cars a day trying to cut through their parking lot.

“We were really hoping all the street signs that are going down the road would kind of deter people from pulling in; However, it does not,” Miller explained. “We’ve parked our van in the way so when they do try and cut through, they can see there is a car blocking that exit point to try and relieve some of the traffic.”

Both managers told WANE 15 they believe the work being completed is necessary and will be great once it’s finished.

That time is said to finally be coming next week.