FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Mayor Tom Henry has won the mayoral election, marking a historic fifth term for the leader of Fort Wayne.

Mayor Tom Henry victory speech 2023

Henry led the race Tuesday with 52% of the votes.

The incumbent has held the position since 2007. After winning a historic fourth term in 2019, Henry initially said he wouldn’t be running again. In June of 2022, Henry officially announced his reelection campaign.

“Tonight, after nearly 16 years after first being elected as the mayor of Fort Wayne, I think we send a clear message the momentum in every corner of our city is not yet finished,” Henry said in his victory speech. “From Ziffles Ribs to Coney Island, from Roosevelt Reserve to Sweetwater Sound and everywhere in between, we continue to move Fort Wayne forward.”

Tom Didier and Cindy Henry talk after election

Henry, a Democrat, ran against Republican city councilman Tom Didier, who was the last person to hand Henry a political loss when Didier won the 3rd district seat on city council in 2003.

Tom Didier concession speech 2023 mayoral race
Tom Didier gave a concession speech shortly before 8:30 Tuesday night.

Henry said Didier called him to congratulate him on the win, and Henry said in turn he congratulated Didier on a “spirited and professional” campaign. Henry added he looks forward to sitting down with Didier to discuss ideas his opponent had for the city, emphasizing the importance of collaboration.

While other mayors have served five or more terms in the past, no one has served more than 16 years in the mayor’s office (William J. Hosey served four nonconsecutive terms [1906-1910, 1914-1918, 1922-1926, 1930-1934] totaling 16 years, and Harry W. Baals who died while holding the office [1934-1947, 1952-1954] was set to serve 16).