HARTFORD CITY, Ind. (WANE)- Almost three years in the making, Cindy and Robert Sofronko welcomed home their 17-year-old Olga a week ago from Ukraine. But, their journey to get her here is one they did not expect.

“Covid came and it still was ramped over there and there were travel restrictions, we got home and not long after we got home maybe a week, war broke out,” Cindy Sofronko shared.

This left Cindy and Robert fearful for their daughter.

“My biggest fear was that they would be forgotten because it is also a little town, you know, there is nothing there,” Sofronko said. “It was getting pretty stressful in our home because I wasn’t sleeping, we both were very worried.”

Once the height of the War in Ukraine had died down, good news surfaced.

“Before we knew it the end of June, the week right before the last week of June, we got a notification on a Wednesday that our Court was going to be the following Wednesday in Dnipro, so we had less than a week to get to Dnipro,” explained Sofronko. “The judge accepted everything and it was final and we became a family on July 6th, and we got out of Dnipro that night got back to Kyiv, then we had problems even getting another train ride to get out of Ukraine to Poland,” Sofronko said.

The next step for Olga is learning fluent English, but social media is helping her.

“Our phones and our translator apps are our saving grace,” said Sofronko. “She’s been on Duolingo learning English, she says she has English 50/50 and we have Russian zero,” Sofronko explained.

Olga enjoys going to church and hopes to become a social media influencer someday.