FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — While she may be the Adams Township Trustee, Denita Washington has her eyes set on so much more.

“It’s all about the business of health and fitness, financial leadership, education,” Washington said, and the list goes on about what she wants to give young women in the Fort Wayne area.

That’s why she started “Girlz Rock,” a platform that puts on events to build up young women.

“This is teaching girls how to become better leaders,” Washington said. “They’re already a leader.”

That was the focus of Thursday’s “Get Lit for Leadership,” event at Ivy Tech’s North Campus.

The event hosted 200 high school girls and featured speakers like 6th District Councilwoman Sharon Tucker and Fort Wayne YMCA Chief Operating Officer Tabitha Ervin among others.

Washington also boasted about products of her program who came back to speak to students, including Fort Wayne-based attorney Bre’Anna Donaldson.

The key for this event was to show what these leaders are like in their personal life, and how their experiences have shaped them.

“A lot of times, we see them on TV we see the lights, camera in the action. We don’t always get to hear in intimate spaces about what it took to be there. ‘What was some of their issues like, what happened in middle school,'” Washington said. “‘What was it that were maybe roadblocks or barriers that we don’t ever get to hear about when they’re sitting on City Council seats.'”

Washington says that “Get Lit for Leadership” is just one of many events “Girlz Rock” hosts to empower women, and they all have similar catchy names.

“We use snazzy names like that to draw the kids in,” Washington said.

But once they’re drawn in, she says it’s all about making them better.

Washinton says that they are always looking for volunteers or partners to help “lead and love” the girls.

You can find more information or get in touch on their website.