Girl Scout donates cookies to Rescue Mission

Natalia Kleinrichert is a 10-year-old Girl Scout. Every year when her birthday rolls around, she likes to ask people to donate to others, instead of getting her gifts.

This year she wanted to add a twist to selling her Girl Scout cookies. She went door to door asking if people wanted to buy cookies. Then she asked if they’d like to pay for another box so she could donate that box to the Rescue Mission. She added the donations she got for her birthday, with the cookie money she sold, and delivered it all to the Rescue Mission.

Natalia set a goal to raise enough money for 40 boxes to donate. She said she didn’t know if she was going to reach that goal. She exceeded that goal today, and donated 155 boxes.

Her mother Amy noticed that she had a servant heart from a young age. When Natalia was 3-years-old she heard about a hurricane, and started gathering clothes and toys to donate to the families affected. Today Amy couldn’t be more proud of her daughter.

“I asked her why are the homeless people so important to her, and she said, ‘because everyone deserves to be loved.’ Since she’s been doing it on her own since she was three we know it’s her choice, and we know that God is leading her,” Amy said.

Natalia has struggled with health problems since birth, after being born prematurely. The family has made many trips back and forth to Riley Children’s Hospital. Amy told WANE 15 that this is a positive in her daughters life that she can always look to whenever she’s going through hard times.

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