FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Fort Wayne Police say one of their officers was on duty when they hit a pedestrian crossing the street in downtown Fort Wayne Wednesday evening.

The pedestrian, identified by police Friday as Henry Najdeski, was hospitalized in in critical condition.

Just before 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sgt. Joshua Hartup was attempting to make a left turn from Calhoun Street onto Main Street when Hartup struck Najdeski, who was in the cross walk on Main Street, according to police.

Police investigate a scene at the intersection of Main and Calhoun streets
Police investigate at the intersection of Main and Calhoun streets.

An officer at the scene said that it is unclear who had the right of way.

Authorities said Najdeski is in critical condition and is receiving care at a hospital, and Hartup did not suffer any injuries.

A public information officer with FWPD said Hartup was on duty and was not responding to a call at the time. He was driving a GMC truck that did not appear to have any FWPD logos on it. The crash was described as a slow, low-speed impact collision.

WANE 15 spoke with Sgt. Jeremy Webb on details of the crash:

The Fatal Accident Crash Team took over the investigation and conducted a chemical test on the officer. The accident will also be reviewed by the Accident Review Board for any potential policy violations. 

The PIO explained Hartup has returned to work, as no violations were immediately known. Police continue to investigate any potential violations.

Details of the crash report have not been released by the FWPD.

WANE 15 is aware the crash report is available on a state-sanctioned website, but members of the media are not listed as those with access to these reports, so WANE 15 is making the ethical decision not to obtain the report at this time.

Anyone with information regarding the crash should contact the FWPD at 260-427-1201.