FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Christine Levy, a fourth grade Fort Wayne Community School teacher saved one of her student’s lives Monday afternoon.  

During snack time at Croninger Elementary School the unthinkable happened, 9-year-old Alan McGauley started to choke on a piece of hard candy.  

Luckily his teacher Ms. Levy wasn’t too far, she rushed over once she saw her student struggling to breathe. Without hesitation, she started to perform the Heimlich maneuver, a first aid procedure used to remove foreign objects from the upper airway. 

“I think that any teacher in this situation caring instincts would have set in,” Levy said. “Any person in my situation would have done everything they could to help a child in need.” 

FWCS requires all teachers to be trained to do the Heimlich and CPR, and it has to be updated anytime a teacher updates his or her license. Levy told WANE 15 that it was a blessing from God that she recently had training and that it was still fresh.  

“You can go through all of the training, but the fact that she made all of the right decisions at the right time and did what she needed proves good decision making,” said Alan’s dad Scott McGauley. 

Alan’s parents Scott and Rebecca were extremely grateful of what Levy did. Scott said that he reached out to WANE 15 because he wanted to find a way to let Levy know how grateful him and his wife are.  

Levy mentioned that her students were extremely helpful and concerned during the traumatic experience.  

“My guardian angels were looking after me and Alan, it’s something you pray you never have to do, but instincts set in and it’s just survival mode I guess,” Levy explained. 

Alan’s dad said when he thinks back on the situation he says it’s not only about his son choking, but the bravery that his teacher showed and how she went into action mode. 

“You have that picture in your head of him going through that situation, but then immediately I became grateful of Ms. Levy,” Scott said. 

Rebecca said she gave Levy a card and flowers, but couldn’t put into words how thankful she its that she saved her son’s life.