FWCS student and parents speak out on lack of E-Learning program

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – With the recent pandemic, schools across the country are closed including one of the biggest in Indiana.

Fort Wayne Community schools has nearly 30-thousand students divided between 50 schools. However, the district does not offer E-Learning, which means parents become teachers for their children.

Several parents expressed their thoughts via WANE’s Facebook page. Some are pleased with what teachers are doing to accommodate at-home learning, while some have concerns. Adam Cappelen is a father of two and says not having E-Learning a major set back for his children, especially since one has autism. He is also concerned on how the lack of technology will have on his children’s grades.

“My son’s special education teacher is amazing,” FWCS parent Adam Cappelen said. “She has shared lesson plans and daily planners wit activities down to the minute to cover the entire day, super helpful.”

Another parent, Brandi Mowery, said her 8th grader recently moved to Fort Wayne. She says she is worried about her son not going back to school and not having instruction before the end of the year.

“Being a full time working mom and having to split time with him between my house and his dad’s house, this seems rather daunting without e-learning,” FWCS parent Brandi Mowery said.

However, other parents have stated that the communication between their child’s teacher has been remarkable.

“Lindley Elementary has been doing an exceptional job of emailing me with resources from all my child’s teachers,” FWCS parent Diane Mould said. “I have received emails with Language Arts, Math, Science, Spanish – even Music and PE. The music teacher included the words of songs they have been working on and YouTube videos that parents can also get involved in; gym teacher sent exercises, the other teachers gave the links to what they use in classes.”

Another FWCS parent stated that the at-home learning isn’t as great as having a teacher, but Fort Wayne Community Schools are doing the best they can to give out resources.

“FWCS did set up a resource page with apps and sites for the kids to have learning at home,” Charles Mccue said. “Its not the same as having a teacher but at least its something to help.”

Not having E-Learning is also effect students. Northrop High School senior, Ethan Geist weighed in and said that as a senior he has concerns because currently he does not have any online classwork.

Fort Wayne Community Schools posted on their website that their main focus is supporting graduating seniors to ensure they recover the credits they need to graduate. The website also states that seniors and juniors will be enrolled in Edgenuity courses; however, Ethan Geist said that the program started but recently assignments have been taken down.

“She told us the assignment on Friday that we supposed to do, then she reached out [I think} yesterday, via email telling us not to worried about doing it,” said Geist. “So I don’t know why that is, or what changed with all of that, but right now we just have really nothing to work on.

WANE 15 reach out to Fort Wayne Community Schools, but did not respond.

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