FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — “Amp Lab is an uncommon place with normal people searching for infinite possibilities.”

That’s how Riley Johnson, the director of Amp Lab, described Fort Wayne Community Schools’ (FWCS) newest experiment.

The program is held on the Electric Works campus and Amp Lab hosts about 400 students in the 11th and 12th grades from each FWCS high school, who do half-day entrepreneurship programs.

The lab is split into four different classrooms, each having different sponsors including the Surack Family Foundation, Parkview Mirro Center, and 3Rivers Federal Credit Union.

The program started with rave reviews from FWCS staff last year.

“I truly think we’re going to produce students who are ready for the next level,” said FWCS Superintendant Mark Daniel last year about the program.

With Amp Lab starting its second year, WANE 15 caught up with the program to see how the first year went, and if any changes are being made.

“What we learned in year one is that it’s better to seek questions,” Johnson said. “We don’t have the answers, but we’re trying to pursue the right questions to help students find their path.”

That was Johnson’s biggest takeaway, and largely he expressed that the further away the program gets from boxes and putting kids into a system, the higher the potential for the program soars.

“Treat people as humans, focus on transformation experiences, and then get out of the way,” Johnson said.

Other than continuing to open up the program more and more, Johnson is very happy with the first year and thinks that the foundation is being laid for Amp Lab to stick around and make an impact for years to come.