FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Foster Park is approaching its 100th birthday.

And to celebrate, Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation is going to upgrade and change the park, primarily with their eyes set on the golf course.

One controversial part of the plan is potentially removing a section of a nature path that runs through the park to extend the golf course.

WANE 15 talked to parkgoers today to hear their thoughts on the vision for the park.

“At this point, I’m thrilled that it is the way that it is, I think it’s accessible and easy to manage,” said Lyn Stangland Cameron.

That was the reaction of almost everyone who spoke to WANE 15; they loved the park in its current state.

However, increasing the size of the golf course was a more split issue.

“The golf course is fine for me, it doesn’t bother me none,” said Janila Fitts-Sewell.

“My feelings are, if they want a bigger golf course they can go to the ones outside of the city,” said Elizabeth Lovejoy.

While it’s uncertain if there will be more in-person informational meetings regarding the park, the survey is still online.

Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation said that they have received over 2,300 online responses, in addition to surveys filled out in person.

Responses they say they are excited to act on.

“We are very appreciative of the input we have received to date on both the Foster Park Golf Course Master Plan and on the trail. We will share the results of the input we receive with the design team for the Foster Park Golf Master Plan,” said Steve McDaniel, director of Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation.