FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Fort Wayne trails have seen a vast difference in their trail usage in the last year and in the last month. With many storms and heat advisories in June 2022, what could be driving the increase?

Dawn Ritchie, the greenways and trails manager, explains how they get their trail counts and the additions they have made.

“There are 20 trail cameras, out on these trails, it is an infrared camera that counts the bicyclist and pedestrians that cross it,” said Ritchie.

But there are times when the trail camera can miss a count.

“It’s not a perfect system, for instance, If you are walking side by side with someone, it might only count one person,” Ritchie explained.

The steady increase the trails are seeing is from adding more connecting sidewalks and cameras to the trails. Over 85,000 people visited the trails in June 2021 but in June 2022 nearly an 11,000 jump where more people in the Fort Wayne area are utilizing the trails.

“Doing this analysis between last June and this June, and seeing that the numbers went up so much, it was surprising to me because of those heat advisory days and those storms but that just reiterates to me that more and more people are really enjoying our trails and getting out and using them,” Ritchie said.

The trails that see the most foot traffic are the Salomon Farms and Pufferbelly trails.

Total of trail users per day in June 2022
Trail users on weekdays

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