FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – There’s a chance you’ll see an ice cream truck driving through Fort Wayne neighborhoods.

Big Gee’s Ice Cream has been in business for 37 years but began coming to Fort Wayne a year and a half ago. It’s an ice cream truck business that sells not only ice cream but other snacks as well such as potato chips.

Gerald Wilson, CEO of Big Gee’s Ice Cream, said the company is based in Toledo but travels to underserved cities and states. He said he learned that Fort Wayne did not have any ice cream trucks from a friend.

“I’m the kind of ice cream man that will venture off to places where they don’t get ice cream trucks because I feel like every child should experience an ice cream truck at least one time in their life,” Wilson said.

Kia Armour is an entrepreneur who also happens to be a friend and employee of Wilson’s. She is a Fort Wayne native who moved to Toledo and suggested that Wilson begin delivering ice cream in Fort Wayne because of the lack of ice cream trucks in the area. Now, Wilson drives to Fort Wayne from Toledo a few times a week.

“I’m still learning Fort Wayne and it’s been a year and a half and I have not been everywhere,” Wilson said, “So I’m trying to figure it out slowly but surely.”

Wilson said even though you may not see many ice cream trucks around, he’s pretty confident that the business is not going anywhere.

“It’s a very luxurious feeling, having an ice cream truck around so as far as there never being the ice cream truck anymore no that’ll never happen,” Wilson said, “They’re gonna always be around.”

Wilson’s goal is to expand one day to having six trucks– currently, he has two.

Big Gee’s Ice Cream is available to be rented for birthday parties and events. To find out more booking details, give them a call at 419-578-8315.