FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Fort Wayne Plan Commission held a public hearing Monday, with two zoning ordinance amendments on the agenda.

The Betting and Gambling Amendment refers to gambling facilities, casinos, and bingo establishments. According to the amendment summary, it would:

  1. Clarify what constitutes a betting and other gambling facility; and
  2. Define what is meant by betting or gambling facility, bingo establishment, and casino.

Ben Roussel, Executive Director for the Department of Planning Services, said the amendment stems from a suggestion by the Fort Wayne City Council for clarification to be established in June.

“It was a complaint that we received on a property and so some city council members felt like we needed to address that issue before another issue popped up,” Roussel said.

No changes are being made to the current permitted uses, and a Casino will not be permitted use in any Fort Wayne zoning district.

The Fort Wayne Technical Amendment aims to clearly define what a container home is and to allow them as special uses through the board of zoning appeals.

The zoning ordinance defines a container home as, “A structure comprised, in part or whole, of one or more Grade A Shipping container(s) that has been repurposed and designed for use as a single or two-family dwelling.”

Other cities have successfully transformed shipping containers into low-cost housing, such as Detroit, Michigan.

“Communities have used that product in the past, Roussel said, “And it’s one of those things where we have an infill residential ownership/housing crisis in our community. And with these vacant parcels, we’re looking for every option to do infill projects that could work in a neighborhood. And this is just one way to do that.”

Roussel said this amendment was created in order to handle container home projects in the future.

Both amendments will go before the Plan Commission on Monday, Nov. 20. Commissioners will decide whether to pass a do or do not recommendation to the city council, who will then vote on both ordinances.