FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Despite Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) already seeing an increase in passengers the last few months, officials expect to see even more foot traffic at FWA for Labor Day weekend.

Scott Hinderman, executive director of Airports at FWA, told WANE 15 there is always an uptick in passengers during holidays, and the heavy traffic could make it difficult for some people to find seats.

“The uptick is a little bit smaller nowadays because our planes are so full,” Hinderman said.

Hinderman said FWA sees 72-80 flights leave the airport each day, but FWA will be bringing reinforcements for the holiday stretch, including an extra United Airlines flight to Chicago Tuesday.

The lack of empty seats on FWA flights is due to Fort Wayne being a “hotbed” for business and recreational activities, Hinderman said.

“The demand for travel in northeast Indiana is so high right now. People are all wanting to go, whether it’s for business or vacation, so there are just not a lot of empty seats on our airplanes anymore,” Hinderman said. “We need more capacity.”

FWA recently released statistics that back up Hinderman’s claims as the airport has had three months of outgoing passenger numbers that have exceeded FWA’s record numbers from 2019.

Although Hinderman acknowledged an uptick in travel around Labor Day, he also said it does not compare to the amount of traveling around Thanksgiving and Christmas.