FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — After the derecho that hit Fort Wayne on Monday, June 13, efforts from city administration to help cleanup debris will begin on Monday.

The city’s administration previously announced it would give people time to get debris to the curb and then they’d make one pass through hard-hit areas to collect tree limbs and vegetation left at the curb.

“It’s a lot of damage. We recognize that the winds that reached almost 100 miles per hour did a lot of damage, and it’s important for us to be out there cleaning things up for the community,” Shan Gunawardena said.

Gunawardena is the city’s director of its Public Works division.

He said their plan is to have city crews hit the Aboite area and contracted crews hit the Waynedale area. Maps for both can be seen at the bottom of this article.

Gunawardena said they haven’t set a time limit for how long this work will take because they know there are some streets that will take longer to haul away all the debris.

If a resident doesn’t live near Aboite or Waynedale but needs assistance with debris pickup, Gunawardena said they can call 311.

Those people will be put on a list and crews will get to their homes as soon as possible.

If you live in the Waynedale and Aboite areas as shown on the maps below, you do not need to call 311.

As the city said previously, they’d still like people who have the means to haul away their debris to do so.

An option is the city’s Biosolids Facility at 6202 Lake Ave, which has seen a major increase in cars coming through and tonnage dropped off since the storm.

The Public Works division’s spokesman Frank Suarez told WANE 15 that the facility sees an average of 25.99 tons and 127 vehicles per day during the summer.

Here’s what it has looked like since the derecho:

Bursh (Tons)108.37158.43156.70133.98219.4498.3580.4978.3065.421,094.98

Below are maps of the areas the city plans to help with debris cleanup: