FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — In all the years Jamarcus Turner worked in Fort Wayne factories, he never went on strike.

But after two years writing and now show editing Bob (Hearts) Abishola on CBS, Turner finds himself on the picket line with the Writers Guild of America.

“I’ve been in multiple unions. I’ve done that. That’s why they made me WGA captain,” he told WANE 15.

While late-night talk shows were forced into reruns by the strike, Turner said his show just wrapped production so new episodes will continue.

Unless the strike lingers as streaming services such as Netflix try to change the way writers are paid.

“You know, 98% of us voted to strike. That’s the highest strike vote we’ve ever had. And I think the streamers understand, we’re crazy people. I was 37 working in a factory and I moved to LA. Crazy people will do whatever.”

Turner said he will use his downtime to produce his second annual “Fort Wayne’s Finest” show.

All the comedians are from Fort Wayne, picked by Turner.

“They’re hilarious people,” Turner said. “People I know but the audience might not know. I’m exposing them to a new audience and that really gives me a rush.”

The standup comedy show is scheduled for May 27 at the Arts United Center.

Ticket information can be found here.