FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — On Tuesday, Fort Wayne City Council took a break from discussing the City of Fort Wayne’s 2024 budget and instead turned its attention to funding for 10 Fort Wayne parks.

The proposal would provide $1,660,000 in funding to add and upgrade playground equipment at the following parks scattered across Fort Wayne:

  • Lawton Park – $245,000
  • McMillen Park – $190,000
  • Kettler Park – $180,000
  • Foster Park – $200,000
  • Northside Park – $175,000
  • Tillman Park – $130,000
  • Turpie Playlot – $120,000
  • Kreager Park – $175,000
  • Gren Park – $125,000
  • Boone Park – $120,000
  • Tillman Park rendering
  • Gren Park rendering
  • Kreager Park rendering
  • Lawton Park rendering
  • McMillen Park rendering
  • Turpie Playlot rendering
  • Northside Park rendering
  • Boone Park rendering
  • Kettler Park rendering
  • Foster Park rendering

Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation expects the playground upgrades to be finished by July 4, 2024.

Dave Weadock, manager of Project Administration with Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, said the funding will have a “significant impact” on the parks and the department.

Weadock also said the department usually tries to upgrade one park each year, but if Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation gets the funding to improve the 10 parks, the department will be able to focus on other parks that need improvements sooner than anticipated.

“To be able to accomplish these [upgrades] provides a great sense of accomplishment, but more importantly, a big impact with the city and the neighborhoods surrounding these parks,” Weadock said.

City Council unanimously voted in favor of a do-pass recommendation for the funding, and a final passage vote is expected in the coming weeks.

Separate funding for playground surface and drainage upgrades at the 10 parks will be discussed at a later date, according to City Council documents.