Fort Wayne Auto Truck Auction bought out, workers laid off

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Workers at Fort Wayne Auto Truck Auction are uncertain about their futures after they were laid off Tuesday.

Fort Wayne Auto Truck Auction was bought out by Indiana Auto Auction in an acquisition merger. With this merger, some of the laid off workers will get new jobs at IAA, but not all of them.

Monday, Fort Wayne Auto Truck Auction called their hundred or so employees into a room to say Tuesday would be their last day of employment.

The property they’re on at 3600 East Washington Blvd. is being sold and they have until October 31 to move off of it.

They tried to work out a deal where their whole operation moved over to Auburn Auto Auction but couldn’t get proper zoning permits. That’s when Fort Wayne Auto Truck Auction agreed to be bought out by IAA.

“Acquiring Fort Wayne Auto Truck Auction is a great opportunity for them and Indiana Auto Auction,” said IAA’s managing partner, Kevin Brown. “We’ll be able to bring their heavy-duty truck dealers and customers, as well as their tremendous employees into our company. Now, Fort Wayne will have one great truck auction option instead of two.”

IAA is offering interviews for any Fort Wayne Auto Truck Auction workers who are interested in working for them.

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