FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Area school leaders are working to stay ahead of rumored Friday violence spreading nationally on social media.

Since November’s shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan, more and more school districts have fallen victim to threats of violence in schools.

Letter Central Noble Jr.-Sr. High sent to parents

Fort Wayne and surrounding area schools are included. Just last week, Southwest Allen Schools (SACS) investigated three threats that appeared to be localized. On December 6, Jay County Jr-Sr High School also investigated a potential threat that came from social media.

Dec. 9 a North Adams School Resource Officer received information a possible school threat and the district made a decision to host an E-learning day. Then on Tuesday, Central Noble Jr.-Sr. high school sent a letter to parents about a potential threat.

After an investigation, all threats were deemed not credible.

A new video on TikTok has school districts and law enforcement across the nation on high alert after a video circulated of a challenge for students to bring weapons to school on Dec. 17. This day is referred to as “American School Shooting Day”.

WANE 15’s Briana Brownlee reached out to all of the public school districts in Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Police (FWPD), and Indiana State Police (ISP).

Facebook post from The Huntington County Sheriff’s department

FWPD said it was not aware of the threats and ISP hasn’t responded to our messages. The Huntington County Sheriff’s Department posted on it’s Facebook page that it is aware of the threat.

“Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies are aware, we have been in contact with school administrators and we will continue to do so throughout the day,” the Facebook post stated. “We have not yet received any local threats, but will investigate any and all with diligence. We take all threats very serious and will be in continual contact with school administrators and we will be increasing our police presence for all schools.”

The spokeswoman for Northwest Allen County Schools (NACS) stated that she is disappointed to learn about the threats; however, Thursday was the last day of the semester for NACS and they will not have school Friday.

Fort Wayne Community Schools’ spokeswoman Krista Stockman was hesitant to comment, in fear that it will give more exposure to the social media “rumor”. She confirmed the district is aware of the potential threats and will follow security procedures. She added FWCS has not received any specific threats to any schools in its district.

SACS spokeswoman Stacey Fleming stated the district is aware of the trend but not necessarily specific to TikTok nor Dec. 17. Thursday, SACS sent out this letter to parents:

Letter SACS sent to parents

East Allen County Schools’ issued the following statement:

We are aware of the Tiktok threats and will follow our security procedures. We have received no threats specifically against our schools.

East Allen County Schools

TikTok tweeted a statement Thursday afternoon.

As of now no classes are scheduled to be canceled or postponed.