FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A former Fort Wayne Police officer had his mug shot taken for the second time in less than a week at the Allen County Jail.

It’s unclear when 42-year-old Erik Melia was booked into the downtown facility on a misdemeanor count of indecent exposure, but a new photo of him popped up on the Allen County Sheriff’s website Thursday afternoon.

He had been wanted on a misdemeanor count of indecent exposure in connection to a warrant for his arrest issued by local prosecutors Tuesday. The warrant called for him to be released on his own recognizance.

In that case, Melia is accused of exposing himself to a woman while he was in uniform last month.

Jail officials would not confirm whether he had been booked into the facility Thursday and would only say there was nobody being held there by his name. The photo that appeared on the sheriff’s website though is the second to be added in less than a week.

Police arrested him July 16 in connection to a separate incident where he is accused of exposing himself to a different woman after he resigned from the police force.

The former officer is facing two misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure in those two separate cases.

Melia had been hired by the Fort Wayne Police Department on May 28, 2015. During his time on the force he had two vehicle crashes – one in 2017 and one in 2018. He received a day off work without pay for each crash, according to police records.

Government salary databases show that he earned a little more than $80,000 in pay during 2020.

An internal affairs investigation into Melia began June 5, after a woman he was called to help as a police officer told a Fort Wayne Police sergeant he exposed himself to her.

In that case, Melia arrived to the woman’s home along with other officers to investigated another person who had violated a protective order.

After officers had arrested that person, Melia helped the woman load items into her vehicle, according to Allen Superior Court documents.

At some point, Melia grabbed the woman’s hand and began rubbing it while saying, “It is going to be all right, hun,” according to Allen Superior Court documents.

Melia then told the woman to follow him down the street to a parking lot so he could make sure she was all right and had a place to go, court documents said. The woman followed his patrol vehicle down a railroad access road in the area of the 2800 block of Brooklyn Avenue. She then backed her vehicle next to Melia’s by some tracks.

When she got out of her car, the woman walked around Melia’s vehicle and then saw him standing with his penis in his hand, court documents said.

The woman became scared and walked away. Melia then told her he was done and asked her to come back over, court documents said. When the woman came back, he was still holding his penis in his hand, she later said in court documents.

Melia resigned from the police department less than three weeks later on June 27.

An internal affairs investigation into that incident was opened after the woman called police. Police officials could not comment on that investigation.

In a separate case, police arrested Melia after a woman told investigators he exposed himself to her on July 14.

That morning, he texted the woman several times asking her to come out to his car parked near her home to smoke with him, according to court documents.

When she came out to his car and opened the car door, Melia is accused of having his shorts unzipped and rubbing his genitalia in plain view for anyone to see.

The woman recorded video at the time, according to court documents, including the moment Melia told her, “I’m getting tired of this, you gonna do this for me or what?”

That woman asked Melia what gave him the idea she was interested in him, according to court documents. She then closed the door and left.

Melia is due back on court on Aug. 2 for that case. It’s not yet clear when he will make his initial appearance for his latest arrest, which is in connection to the June 5 incident.

The class A misdemeanors he faces carry up to a year-long sentence or a maximum $5,000 fine.