FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- East Allen County Schools are a part of the area’s bus driver shortage. In an interview Tuesday, superintendent Marilyn Hissong, told WANE 15, that they are in need of three bus drivers. Plus, a few extra for when those drivers are out as substitutes.

Hissong says while three drivers might not seem like a huge shortage, East Allen is a big district with many rural routes it is not easy to consolidate routes to run with fewer drivers.

“During their training, pay for that so we would be happy to do anything, to accommodate,” said Hissong. “We really need bus drivers we are about three short right now for regular routes and we would like to have a few substitute bus drivers in case some of our regular bus drivers would get sick or something would come up,” Hissong explained.

Hissong added a few words on to be patient during the first few weeks of school.

“Please be patient with this year,” Hissong said. “As you know, when we start routes, we are learning where our stops are and students aren’t always at the bus stop when they are supposed to be,” said Hissong. “You may have some buses running late, please also keep in mind we are short a few drivers,” Hissong said.

New drivers can get training for their C-D-L through the school district. An online application needs to be completed on the East Allen County Schools website, and An interview with East Allen Transportation Director. A background check will also be required.

“The important thing is, we care about your kids and we want them here safely,” explained Hissong.

To apply, click here.