Doctor seeing seasonal Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease spike

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – An illness commonly spread in the late summer and early fall timeframe, has been spreading in northeast Indiana, causing parents concern. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease ends with a blister-like rash but can begin with similar symptoms as COVID-19, bringing more attention to the virus this season.

According to a Parkview Pediatrician, doctors have been seeing a spike in cases, but that it’s not out of the ordinary to see the situation in the late summer or early fall timeframe. Hand, Foot and Mouth gets its name from common places that the rash appears. It mainly spreads among babies and toddlers.

“I think it’s going up because it’s kind of hard to know that you have hand foot mouth until you see the rash,” Dr. Allison Meyer told WANE 15. “But sometimes the incubation period, or the time that you’re symptomatic or potentially can spread the virus, can precede from when you have the rash. Sometimes that’s how it’s easier to spread around, especially in daycares and school and other things like that, even within your own family, because it starts out looking like a little cold, and then you see the rash, and you’re probably already spreading the virus a little bit.”

A fever and a cough, are common symptoms that can appear ahead of the rash, matching symptoms of other viral infections. According to Dr. Meyer, parents should keep an eye out for dehydration and note if the sores are opening up. She suggested a phone call to a doctor should be made if those issues arise.

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