*WARNING* This story has graphic details not suitable for all readers.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The plan was for the high school senior to dog-sit for her teacher while he was away.

But soon, the dog-sitting escalated and she was going to her teacher’s house in northeast Fort Wayne while he was home.

Then one night, after drinks, he took her virginity.

She was 17.

That’s what a woman told Fort Wayne Police happened four years ago while she had then 29-year-old Jordan Miller as a speech teacher at Bishop Luers High School.

Allen County prosecutors on Tuesday formally charged Miller, now 33, with a Level 5 felony count of child seduction where there was sexual intercourse and a Level 6 felony count of child seduction that involved touching.

Jordan Miller, a former teacher at Bishop Luers High School, is charged with child seduction
Jordan M. Miller

And according to court documents, there may have been more victims.

Miller gave multiple high school girls his personal phone number in 2018, leading to alleged sexual encounters with three students, Allen Superior Court documents said.

While at a sleepover with her friends, the first victim got a call from Miller around 2 a.m. or 3 a.m., according to documents, asking for help finding his dog that had supposedly ran away. The victim left her friend’s house and went to Miller’s apartment in Lake Forest Village.

She said Miller appeared to be drunk when she got there, and she found the dog outside in the snow. That’s when Miller sat next to her on the couch, thanked her for finding the dog, and kissed her, court documents said.

When the victim told Miller she was only 17 years old, he apologized and told her she was “very mature for 17,” the woman said in court documents. She went back to her friend’s house afterward.

According to Indiana law, 16 is the age of consent in most cases.

According to Indiana Code, though, a person who has a professional relationship with a child aged 16 to 18 and who has influence on the child and engages in sexual intercourse or other sexual conduct commits sexual seduction.

Police said they spoke with the mother of the friend where the victim spent the night. The woman said she remembered the victim leaving in the middle of the night and, when asked where she went, the victim said she was hungry and left to get food. The victim told police she made up the story.

Miller would text the victim “on a regular basis,” documents said, and she went to Miller’s apartment a few times to watch movies.

That’s when “the touchiness” progressed, the victim told police in court documents.

One night, Miller made margaritas and other alcoholic drinks for the victim. She said she didn’t want to drive after having the drinks, and Miller said she could sleep in bed with him that night, according to court documents.

As they were laying down, the situation escalated, and the victim later told police Miller wanted oral sex, which she told Miller she wasn’t comfortable with.

Miller suggested they have sex instead, saying she should get it over with and this would make it easier for her with other people.

“That’s how I lost my virginity that night,” the victim told police.

She said the relationship continued until she started college in August, and there was one encounter after she turned 18.

Just a few days before police spoke with the victim, another victim, called “Student #2” in court documents, reported a previous relationship with Miller. She said Miller, who was her English teacher in 11th grade, texted her and the messages became sexual two months later. She said the sexual relationship lasted about a year and two months before ending in May 2018.

“Student #2” later told police she didn’t want to pursue a criminal investigation, but did confirm the sexual relationship started when she was 17.

Police also spoke with a close friend of the first victim, identified in documents as “Student #3”, who said Miller was her teacher and track coach. She said Miller had a sexual relationship with her while about two months after she turned 18 while she was still a student. “Student #3” told police the relationship continued until her sophomore year of college.

None of the victims knew about each other’s relationships with Miller until the first victim was about to come forward.

Police interviewed Miller, who denied having a sexual relationship with any student while they were in high school.

He said he had romantic and sexual relationships with both the first victim and Student #3 after they turned 18 and graduated. He denied any relationship with Student #2.

Miller admitted all three victims had watched his dog while they were still students and he was busy coaching after school.

Miller said he ultimately resigned from Bishop Luers “due to burning himself out,” court documents said. He cited “academic dishonesty” and told police how he wrote a paper for Student #3 to test the grading abilities of another teacher, documents said.

Police met with James Huth, the principal at the time the three victims attended Bishop Luers, court documents said. Huth said he didn’t know about the situation, and only mentioned the issue of Miller writing a paper for Student #3. Huth said Miller’s teaching contract was not renewed for the 2018-2019 school year

When police spoke with Student #3, she said Miller wrote her paper in exchange for sexual favors.

WANE 15 reached out to the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend for information about how long Miller taught at the school. The Diocese so far has not replied to our request for comment.