DEKALB COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) — The DeKalb County Commissioners decided to stop pursuing a $250 tax for buggy plates at Monday’s commissioner meeting.

This leaves them as the odd ones out, with most counties in Northeastern Indiana (Allen, Whitley, Steuben, Noble, LaGrange, and Adams) all having ordinances to collect money off of buggies.

The deciding factor?

A lack of efficiency.

No one is disagreeing that the buggies necessitate expensive repairs.

“Depending how many miles of road we do, it can be anywhere from $500,000 up to close to $800,000 or $900,000 a year,” William Hartman, president of DeKalb County Commissioners said in the past about repairs.

But a tax at $250 doesn’t fix the issue and considered to be more trouble than it’s worth to the commissioners.

“We’re gonna promise our people that we’re going to fix the road for that fee, no we’re not, why would we lie to them?” said Commissioner Todd Sanderson. “$150 doesn’t even pay for the product, $250 doesn’t repair it properly, and neither does $350.”

Sanderson expressed that he didn’t want to lie to the taxpayers by promising the tax as a way to fix divots in the road, but in the same breath, he expressed that the taxpayers didn’t believe the damage that the commissioners reported.

“We’ve spent way too much time on this, and they’ve been very vocal, which is their right, they’re the taxpayers. I have not heard anyone come in here and say there should be a higher fee on it,” Sanderson said. “So let’s give them what they want.”

A decision that Sanderson sees souring down the road. A very bumpy road that is.

“2-3 years from now I think we’ll be reassessing and we’ll be talking about a $1,000 fee at that time,”