DECATUR, Ind. (WANE) – An improper chemical mixture at the Bunge soybean processing plant in Decatur led to a gas release and the evacuation of employees at nearby businesses.

Around 8:25 p.m. Monday, the Decatur Fire Department said on its Facebook page the evacuation order had been lifted.

“After a thorough investigation by Bunge officials and the Decatur Fire Department the evacuation order is being lifted. Air quality on local streets were tested by an independent environmental company hired by Bunge and all tests deemed those areas safe from any chemicals hazards. The initial evacuation was issued under an abundance of caution. If you live near Bunge and are concerned about any irritations from the odors you may want to consider sheltering elsewhere for the evening or seeking medical attention.”

Police asked residents within a half-mile of the plant to leave their homes.

Decatur and Allen County Fire officials were using drones to look over the area, and Fort Wayne hazmat units were at the scene as well. A chemist was also working with Bunge officials at the scene.

Chemicals are used normally at the plant and mixed every day, but a mixture was off Monday and caused a gas release, officials told a team from WANE 15 at the scene.

Officials believed the situation was manageable but evacuated local businesses.

During the afternoon evacuation, the Decatur Police Department said the Riverside Center was available if individuals have no other place to go. Police were going door to door notifying the public. Officials on the scene originally said they don’t know how long it would be before residents could return to their homes.

The rough border for evacuation was north of Meibers St, east of Canterbury Drive, west of Monmouth Road, and south of Piqua Rd & Monmouth Rd intersection.

Image from Decatur Police Department

So far, no medical issues have been reported from those in the area.

At about 2 p.m., Decatur Police Department began advising residents to avoid the area of N. 2nd St between Monmouth Rd and 13 St. for a potential hazmat situation at Bunge, a soybean processing plant.

Shortly thereafter, Decatur and Allen County Fire officials began evacuating local businesses before bringing in a drone unit to look over the area.