Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend

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How about an extra hour of sleep? That’s what you’ll get Saturday night as Daylight Saving Time will end. Most of our digital clocks and your phone will most likely turn back automatically but you may have to turn back the clocks on your stove or microwave oven and in your car.

Daylight Saving Time was introduced to be used yearly in 1967. Daylight time was used year-round as an experiment to save energy costs in January of 1974 and ended in April of 1975. Daylight time was inconsistently from 1916 through 1966. President Roosevelt adopted a plan to use it in 1918 during World War 1. It was unpopular with farmers as they had less time to get their morning milk and get their crops to market.

Indiana held out and did not begin using DST until April of 2006. when it was mandated to begin state wide.

We will begin DST again on March 14, 2021 when we will turn our clocks forward.

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