FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Plans by a Fortune 100 company to build a data center near Fort Wayne and New Haven that are somewhat shrouded in secrecy have passed another hurdle.

Thursday morning in a unanimous vote, Fort Wayne City Council approved the annexation of 728 acres for “Project Zodiac,” the name given to the data center project. The land, primarily agricultural, is located just west of Adams Center Road, north of Tillman and bordered by railroad tracks on the east.

The vote preceded a joint Fort Wayne and Allen County plan commissions public hearing that took place at 1 p.m. at Citizens Square regarding the data center development plan and rezoning requests.

Documents show an Ohio-based company called EMH&T is listed as the project’s engineer and surveyor. The same company provided planning and design on a Google data center based in New Albany, Ohio, as well as a Facebook data center nearby.

Some Allen County residents have expressed concerns about the lack of specific details regarding the proposed data center here, as well as noise and environmental concerns.

Tom Trent, a lawyer representative of the project, gave a presentation at the public hearing and addressed some of those concerns.

“It is our position that the noise factor is substantially, if not completely, mitigated,” Trent said.

Trent said the project does not anticipate a decline in property values of nearby homes, but detailed statistics were not immediately available.

Many other details about “Project Zodiac” are yet to be learned.