FORT WAYNE, Ind (WANE) – Yesterday was the hottest and most humid day we’ve seen during the first heat wave of our summer season. So far, we’ve recorded 7-consecutive days of 90-degree or higher temperatures with Tuesdays high temperature reaching 95. The 90-degree heat combined with high humidity and made it feel like it was over 100-degrees on the Heat Index scale.

The Heat Index is an equation combining the hot temperatures with humidity to measure what it feels like during this type of weather. Today it will feel like it’s nearly 100-degrees with 90-degree temperatures and dew points in the lower to middle 70s. (A dew point of over 65-degrees is considered uncomfortable)

You can overexert yourself very quickly doing normal chores and spending prolonged periods in the heat.

Heat exhaustion is the first problem you may encounter and the symptoms include profuse sweating, nausea or vomiting, and a rapid or weak pulse. If you see someone with these symptoms it’s important to get them to a cool place and have them drink water. They could also take a cool shower.

If you persist in the heat and ignore the heat exhaustion warning signs it could turn into heat stroke which is a medical emergency. These symptoms include a body temperature above 103-degrees, no sweating, a rapid pulse, a throbbing headache and sometimes a loss of consciousness. If not treated at a hospital heat stroke can cause death.