*As the Mathew Cramer trial progresses, this article will be updated to act as a central hub that will provide links to articles detailing what happened during each day of the trial.

Day 1 – Oct. 24

The jury was decided Monday, Oct. 24 as the Cramer trial kicked off.

Questions were asked to candidates as the jury pool was filtered through, with one woman saying she could not be a juror since she would be going on her honeymoon during the trial.

The jury will be sequestered during the second week of the trial.

Day 2 – Oct. 25

Opening arguments and initial pieces of evidence were presented Oct. 25 as the trial entered Day 2.

Defense attorney Robert Scremin claimed in the opening arguments that the victim, Shane Nguyen, was involved in a sexual relationship with Cramer and that Nguyen reportedly wanted sexual acts in exchange for favors.

Day 3 – Oct. 26

Day 3 featured testimony of details of the dismemberment from Cramer’s friend, Jacob Carreon-Hamilton.

Carreon-Hamilton’s testimony satisfied a plea deal which required him to testify against Cramer in exchange for a better deal when it comes to his sentencing Nov. 4.

Day 4 – Oct. 27

Day 4 had the jury watch footage of the dismemberment that was taken on Cramer’s phone, as well as view autopsy photos of Nguyen.

Nguyen mentioned that the next time there was a sexual encounter, maybe Cramer’s niece and nephew could be involved. That’s when he snapped, Cramer said, despite other claims to the contrary in earlier testimony.

Closing arguments are set for Tuesday, and the jury will most likely deliberate on the verdict the same day. If Cramer is convicted for murder, the jury will decide if he will serve life without parole.