FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A Fort Wayne man who admitted to being the trigger man in a shooting that left a man badly injured during a robbery last August received a 10-year prison sentence Monday.

An Allen Superior Court judge handed down a 16-year sentence to Kobe L. Hicks but six of those years were suspended.

Hicks was 18 when he fired shots at a man who tried to flee an SUV full of teenagers during what was supposed to be a drug deal.

Bullets pierced the man’s legs and he was left in a near north side street with wounds so severe doctors would need to do reconstructive surgery on his bladder and legs.

Kobe L. Hicks

Hicks previously pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated battery as part of a plea deal with Allen County prosecutors.

According to court documents, Hicks had set up a drug deal with the victim but later told investigators the plan was always to rob him.

In an interview with detectives days later, the victim admitted that he was meeting with Hicks to sell him a “quad” of cocaine. The victim slid into the back of a silver or white SUV with Hicks sitting in the front passenger seat to make the deal.

Another person sat next to the victim in the back seat while another person sat behind him, court documents said.

He handed the drugs to Hicks, who acted like he was weighing the cocaine on a scale when others in the vehicle began to punch and hit him, the victim told investigators in court documents.

He jumped out of the car and began running when he felt gunshots coming from the front passenger seat begin to hit him.

When detectives spoke with the victim, he at first said he had not seen victim for at least a week. He then changed his story, though, and admitted that he met with the victim where he and others planned to rob him.

“I shot him,” Hicks told the detective in court documents.

Hicks said he shot the victim possibly three times and that he destroyed the gun afterward. He also admitted the others in the vehicle, who were all teenagers, were in on the robbery plan but they did not plan on shooting the victim, court documents said.

Hicks was given 100 days credit for time served in Allen County Jail.