FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A Fort Wayne couple is accused of using access to elderly people’s checking accounts to bilk them out of more than $18,000 – most of which was spent on Door Dash orders.

Allen County Prosecutors charged 22-year-old Eleza L. Rodriguez and 23-year-old Herman L. Tinker III with felony counts of corrupt business influence and theft on Thursday.

Rodriguez is accused of getting to the checking accounts of people through her job with a placement agency which provides workers to retirement and assisted living homes, according to Allen Superior Court documents.

Then she and Tinker would use those accounts to fix their car or order food or buy items online, court documents said.

From a 97-year-old man and his 92-year-old wife, they are accused of taking $18,669 in a span from October to December last year, according to the court documents.

In the span of one month – Nov. 4 to Dec. 2 – the couple is accused of ordering more than $13,500 worth of Door Dash orders from places such as Rally’s, Mr. Beast Burger, Papa John’s and Lewis Street Grille, court documents said.

In 59 transactions, Rodriguez and Tinker are accused of transferring $1,500 of that couple’s money to a Cash App account and they are also accused of using about $1,000 to fix the windows of a Nissan Altima that they drove, court documents said.

Rodriguez is also accused of using an 85-year-old man’s checking account to also order food at least once, even though that man told investigators in court documents he does not have a computer, a cell phone or an email address to do so.

Warrants for both Tinker and Rodriguez have been issued, but it’s not clear if they’ve been booked into Allen County Jail.